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The difficulty answers

1.    The guidebook of G net usual question.


I.     Drive procedure or application software to install failure.

<i>Ensure the free space that the hard drive has 5 MBs at least.

<ii>Close all other procedures before installing and driving.


II.    The applied procedure can not start.

<i>  After inserting the netcard into the computer, please wait for about 10 minutes to apply procedure. The applied procedure start will automatically examine whether the equipments links with SIM card is correct.

<ii>  Makes sure SIM card didn't use Pin code, if used to please by mobine phone to cancel.

<iii> Check driving of modem procedure according to the following step operation: Mouse right shot list shot my computer—Attribute—Hardware—equipments management  machine—Modem.

<a>  No warning sign when wireless netcard is using.

<b> If see here have warning sign, please double click whether the modem in "equipments management machine" diagnosis exists


III.  Can not open String

<1> Directly circulate software When have never inserted the Internet card , please close software to re- insert up the netcard.

<2>There are other application softwares being getting to the Internet, such as super terminal or have already circulated wireless network card software. You should close related software.


IV. The indicator of Led isn't bright

<1> Ensure wireless netcard has already pushed the bottom of notebook PCMCIA/EXPPESS/USB.

<2> Check if the SIM card inserts the inner part of card and combine the gearing direction of making sure the SIM card exactitude.

<3>If the indicator is still not bright, break to open PCMCIA/EXPPESS/USB connect and re- insert the SIM card to combine again conjunction.


V.The indicator of Led is bright, but can not find hardware

<1> Ensure the Internet card already inserted well.

<2>Sometimes because of get to the Internet carelessly the procedure suddenly withdraw or the computer crash the procedure compulsorily withdraw but damage to drive. Please break PCMCIA/EXPPESS/USB connect and re- start computer to resume to drive. Insert a netcard to test again. If still won't do, sometimes because the procedure drives quilt the computer virus damage. Please re- install and use.


VI. The computer crashes

    Sometimes because of being not a level to pull out and level to insert a computer when you insert a netcard. 


VII. Don't know SIM card

<1> The SIM card damage can be used an EDGE mobine phone verification.

<2> T type card and P type card have certain request to the position that puts card.Please must insert bottom

 VIII. No signal, bad signal

<1> Whether because of the EDGE network signal of district relatively bad or has never open EDGE network.

<2> Whether all of the pole antenna pull out or try to swing the antenna to another direction to try.


IX. Drop from internet

<1> Generally and mostly because the signal is bad, the signal is unsteady to arouse.

<2>Because USB stirs the electric voltage that the number needed a computer to provide a stability to it, and then satisfied it while get to the Internet, but general of the USB extension cord exhausted very greatly.So it can result in related questions.

 X. Can not stir

<1>Please ensurre SIM card get to the Internet is effective, Sometimes  can change  the SIM card of opened EDGE business to try.

<2> If not the question of SIM card,sometimes because EDGE internet

Is not steady, please try it again.


XI. The modem appears hardware breakdown

Because of Notebook, So you should forbid the modem of your notebook.

XII. While stiring number appeared "link long range to serve success”,

But can not open Web page.

This problem in fact stirs number to fail. Because when you got to the Internet before, you didn't withdraw as usual but arouse, you have to re- start a calculator again and then can work out a problem.

2.    Familiarly stir number breakdown

I.     Do stir sound (mistake 680)

Question:The customer inserts the false card into product or card to put wrong.

  Answer:insert the right card


II.Hint customer in the afar's carrying don't reflect(mistake 777)

Question:Liantong customer's carrying favour don't reflect, or the signal strength isn't enough.

Answer: Re- stir number or change an environment to stir number.


III.The long range computer didn't reflect

Question: The card is invalid

Answer: Insert the card that can get to the Internet.


IV. Break off port conjunction when Stired number

   The long range computer is very busy,wait a minute,try it again.

   If you use Router, Gather line machine or network to build to go together with a machine, the equipments may don't as usual circulate


V. Can not verify to pass, and report "may be a password/ password mistake or service options are wrong"(mistake 691)

False reason:Verify failure

a.     password is wrong

b.Last time conjunction not as usual broke line cause the backstage system had never received a customer log out information and have no on-line form lieutenant general of useful door the customer deleted, in the customer card have no ample surplus amount will also cause verification failure.

c.If you still have question,please Please stir the service hot-line search report of a dozen of operators to fix.


VI.  Through stir number to if again stir number, hint this mistake, suggestion packs a PPPOE stirs number software, if only a PPPOE, stir number software to hint this mistake please lack to carry to re- install.

(mistake 633)


VII. The modem turns off, breaks down or has no to dependablely link calculation on board and weighs to establish a modem, the detailed information pleases check modem text file.(mistake 692)


VII.The card can not stir number,Ordering can start to ordering an agreement(PPP) conjunction but can not complete, because the long range calculator can not respond to or have never given in time to effectively respond to.

a. If try to link a virtual appropriation network(VPN), please according to the following way in"user's name" importation area name and user's name:DOMAN/USERNAME, the establishment links afresh.


VIII. Stir number to carry on a dialing calculator not to respond to for period, may carry from the customer until ascend a certain link server the whole network.(mistake678)

a.     Check if the netcard works as usual

b.    Ensure the dialing server works as usual


IX. Break off a port conjunction when stired long range calculator. (mistake 629)

   Reason: Because linking is super or other reason, the long range server breaks to open a conjunction.

   Answer:wait a minute,and stir again.


X. Break off  port conjunction when stir because of the hardware breakdown, hint to have no suitable netcard or drive(mistake 630)

Reason: The hardware is false, may be netcard damage or netcard to drive expiration to result in, or don't install a netcard.

Answer:Please check whether the netcard works as usual, whether network circuit puts right.


XI. Internal identity verification is wrong when stir.

Reason: Installed two or more netcards in the WINDOWS98 platformses or have never installed  stir equipment.

 Answer:Only have one netcard,delete other netcards. Install a stir

Equipment if have no one.

XII. The PPP control agreement is without installing during stir(mistake 720)

The SIM card nonsupport is the service, this kind of mistake usually occurrence while trying to link GPRS in Internet, please wait a short moment to stir number again.


XIII. Stir long range to connect into a server not to respond(mistake650)

Customer ID or password is false, please re- input a correct contents.


XIIII. Have no correct install netcard or netcard drive procedure is lost.

     (mistake 797)

   Answer: Please re-install netcard


XV. Netcard drive forbidden(mistake 769)

   Answer: Click computer right key, choice attribute, choose an equipments management , see the netcard drive procedure circumstance, if netcard drive forbidden, the right key activates the netcard.


XVI. Netcard breakdown, Please check netcard or netcard drive. (mistake676)


XVII.If modem have question, check question or change modem (mistake652)

602、605、608、609、633:PPPOE software have no complete exactitude install. Unload clean PPPOE software,re-install.

Mistake 633: because the equipments installs false or just in the use, Stir network can not link.

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