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Product Registration
Pre-registration instructions:
  • Please fill out the registration form, valid up to you to use may cause unnecessary trouble
  • More convenient by up to receive technical support, you can directly download and update numbers so closer to the driver, more personalized service.
  • Registration information see our privacy policy privacy policy.
  • Please fill out the registration form below, the data will be stored in our user database.
User Product Registration
Product Type:
Product Code:
(Note: Model and product code on the back of the product)
You know through what channels wireless network card:
Dealer Information (Dealer fill out the information will be beneficial to the protection of your product sale, be sure to fill out.)
Tel: (Do not forget to write down the telephone area code )
Purchase Price:
Have any questions on the above, you can directly get in touch with us online, if you have any opinion of our products are welcome in our feedback system proposed.

1. Product Code similar to: S / N: A100000F312BB1.
2. Product Code located on the bottom of the packaging and products.
3. The need to fill out registration forms, invalid registration may use other aspects of your trouble.


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